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Januari 26, 2011 | In: Info

An e-mail from JHA:

As we spoke on the phone earlier we would like to offer the Muslim students job opportunities.

The companies that we can offer students for their jobs are all Halal applied companies. And as JHA demand the companies to employ minimum of 1 Muslim after getting the Halal certificate from us, it creates demands for Muslim to be employed. Most of the companies are in Food industries including, slaughter house, catering, restaurant, hotel, food process factories, etc. The available positions would be Halal supervisor, internal inspector, etc.
We will update on our website what jobs will be available. The students can apply for those suit themselves, or they can simply send CV to us, and will stock them until we find something suitable. These jobs are suitable for Food technology, agriculture back ground. After we find the suitable students, we will train them for basic of Halal then they will be ready to go to work.

At the moment available job is Laboratory researcher in one of Labo in tokyo but we have not updated on the website yet.

Other than above issue, we would like Osaka Muslim association to help us with finding out if there are more Muslim populated universities which would consider to change their menu in canteen to Halal.
We wish all the students can get Halal food easily in their living in Japan, and more students come to study in Japan.

Hope above is clear to you, if you have any question please contact me at any time.
Thank you
Regards & Salam

NPO Japan Halal Association

Hind Hitomi Yonehara

Web:, Mail: info [at]

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